ヨーロッパの作家たち展   -  素材と表現  -  

  2021年 2月27日(土)-3 月7日(日)10:00〜17:00 お休み 火曜、水曜


Raija Jokinen(フィンランド)
Jeannine De Raeymaecker(ベルギー)
Nora Chalmet(ベルギー)
Jean Michel Letellier(フランス)
Nakamura Miki Letellier(フランス)
Sabine Zeiler(ドイツ)
Aušra Sedlevičiūtė(リトアニア)
Asta Fedaravičiūtė-Jasiūnė(リトアニア)
Antra Augustinovica(ラトビア)
Daniela Todorova(ブルガリア)
Todor Todorov(ブルガリア)

福岡のアーティスト集団、Studio NEXUSと交流があるヨーロッパ 7ケ国11名の作家のファイバーなどを素材とした作品展です。 さまざまな素材と多様な表現を是非ご覧ください。
企画協力 Studio NEXUS

Raija Jokinen

Conception of the Work
I am fascinated by the versatility of flax. As a pulp format it can be soft and matt but also smooth and transparent. For me it provides an analogue to human skin. Flax has also own will as it shrinks strongly. With that quality flax provides sculptural character and in combination to other forms of the very same material there's endless treasury of forms and effects. It's like a dialogue with the material.
2017 Promenadigalleria, Hyvinkää, FI
2017 Galleri Hantverket, Stockholm, SE
2015 Finnish Institute in St Petersburg, RU
2015 Gallery Duetto, Helsinki, FI

9 AWARDS e.g.:
2015 Art Prize of Uusimaa Province, Helsinki, FI
2013 Jury Prize, 15th Int. Minitextile exhib., Bratislava, SK
2006 Golden Bobbin, 11th Int. Lace Biennial, Brussels, BE
2017 Everyday Matter, Textilmuseet, Borås, SE
2017 XIe Triennale Int des mini-textiles, Mus. Jean Lurçat, Anger, FR
2016 Fiberart International 6, Pittsburgh, USA
2016-18 Asia-Europe III, Krefeld DE, Lodz PL, Kedainiai LT
2015 Rijswijk Textile Biennial, Museum Rijswijk, NL
2015 5th Riga International Triennial, Riga, LV
2014 8th International Fiber Art Exhibition, Nantong, CN
2013 Galeri 5, Istanbul, TR
2012 Gallerie Collection, Paris, FR
2011 Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, KR

Jeannine De Raeymaecker       

Conception of the Work  
Creating structures with textiles and own made paper is my principal mean of artistic expression.
For these works i transformed old photographes to my own new paper.
In this way i keep together memories, but not like we usual do in albums. They are hidden in my paper like treasures.
Like a web-weaving spider, i knot the elements of paper (with fabric inside) into the frame.

Formation : 
Art Tapestry Antwerp Belgium
Drawing & Monumental Art Mechelen Belgium
Master in Textile Art Gent Belgium

Professional Life :
Professor in Textile Art Academie Mechelen Belgium

Awards : 
Concours Intern.de Créateurs de Chapeaux Lyon France 2003
Ninove Textile 2004 Belgium
Domaine de la Lice 2008 Belgium

Honourable Mention Triennial Lodz Poland 2016

Selections :
Concours Intern.d’Arts Textiles Tournai Belgium 2008-2011
Pfaff Art Embroidery Challenge UK & France 2009
Experiments with light Kaunas Biennial Textile II Lithuanie 2012
Asie-Europe 2 & 3 Art Textile Contemporain  Germany, France, Lithuanie, Poland 2014-2017
Nexus Paper Japan 2015
Sofia Intern.Paperart Bulgaria 2015-2016
15 Th Intern.Triennial of Tapestry Lodz Poland 2016
Contextile Portugal 2016
What is Fiber ? Lithuanie 2016
World of Threads Festival Canada 2016
Mini Textile Art Scythia Ukraine 2017
Bienal Intern.de Arte Textil Uruguay 2017
Intern.Biennial of Textile Miniatures Lithuanie 2017

Nora Chalmet
Selection of national and international exhibitions:
2020 International Exhibition (online), Busan (South Korea); 2019 Croisement d’expression
(Japan, Korea, France, Belgium), Collonges-la-Rouge (F) ; 2016 - 2020 Asia-Europe III en IV, Dronninglund (Dk); Tournai (B); Krefeld (D); Lodz (Pl); Kedainiai ( Lit); 2018 Golden Bough, Busan (South Korea); 2017 Trames, Brussels (B); 2016  9e Biennial Fiber Arts “From Lausanne to Beijing”, Shenzhen (China);  2011  Web of Europe, Brussels (B); Budapest (H);  2008 “New Acquisitions 2003-2008”, ULB, Brussels (B)
Current occupations and trends in the works
After her studies of plastic art and the art of weaving, she was teaching design and hand weaving in Ghent (Belgium). Today she is retired from teaching and, on demand, specialized technical guide in the private textile collection of Katoen Natie in Antwerp (Belgium).

Her individual research in textile art is reflected in her artistic work, where she explore historical weaving techniques with modern methods and materials, creating contemporary textile art.
Her particular interests in literary texts and graphical design form an essential part of her woven work.  She is using existing materials as written or printed paper, typewriter ribbon, old audiotape, vegetal material of the garden, etc. They form a living mark of her personal past. It gives her the opportunity to transform existing material and giving it a second life.

Nakamura Miki Letellier  中村 美喜


2017 :         Abbay of Bouchemaine
                   Deyrolle Paris
2016 :         What is fiber, Janina Monkute-Marks museum, Lithuania
                   Asia-Europe III, Textilmuseum Krefeld, Germany
2015 :         Nexus, Kyosei no sato, Japan
                   Fukuoka Museum, Japan
2014 :         Albert Bourgeois Art Gallery,Fougères
                  The Marches, Contemporary Art Gallery, Aubusson
                  Galerie Lionelle Courbet, Paris
                  Gallery 28, Lyon
                  Pusan Paper Art, South Korea
2013 :         The Sunday Gallery, London
                   AMATERAS Small Size Works, Bulgaria
                   Artist's residence at the Flèche + exhibition
2012 :        Gallery 6 Mandel, Paris
                  Art d'Ici, Ronceray Abbey, Angers
2011 :         Hotel du Grand Veneur, Paris, Hotel Fraimont, Monte Carlo
                    with Maison Parisienne
2010 :         AVV Gallery, Saint Maturin sur Loire
                  Ultra lace, Art Workshops of France, Paris
                  Body and Soul, International Garden Festival of Chaumont
                  sur Loire

Jean Michel Letellier       

Jean-Michel Letellier discovers Japan in 1997, a journey which radically changes the course of his life where he meets a National Living treasure of the paper maker in the island of shikoku. In 1999, winner of Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, he continued his research and ended his stay in Echizen (Fukui), a Mecca for paper, from which he imported his current technique which enabled him to produce very large formats up to 3m50 in his studio near Angers. His works evolve from abstraction to figuration. His latest work is a reflection on water and the water cycle: sea - clouds - mountains. He exalts the material, the mulberry cellulose and goes beyond the craft work of paper art in an expression that freely navigates between art, design and decoration. In 2018 he exhibited with his wife Miki Nakamura at the Museum of Art and Archeology of Valencia where installations and works express lightness, transparency and evanescence, an idea of ​​Japonism in which Westerners and Asians meet for an instant. of meditative contemplation.
2017 :         Abbay of Bouchemaine 
2016 :         AAF Collection, Paris
                    What is fiber, Janina Monkute-Marks museum, Lithuania
                    Asia-Europe III, Textilmuseum Krefeld, Germany
2015 :         Museum of lace and Traditions, Les Ponts-de-Cé
                    Nexus, Kyosei no sato, Japan
                    Fukuoka Museum, Japan
2014 :         Albert Bourgeois Art Gallery,Fougères
                    The Marches, Contemporary Art Gallery, Aubusson
                   Galerie Lionelle Courbet, Paris
                   Gallery 28, Lyon
                    Pusan Paper Art, South Korea
2013 :         The Sunday Gallery, London
                    AMATERAS Small Size Works, Bulgaria
                   Artist's residence at the Flèche + exhibition 
2012 :        Gallery 6 Mandel, Paris
                   Art d'Ici, Ronceray Abbey, Angers
2011 :         Hotel du Grand Veneur, Paris, Hotel Fraimont, Monte Carlo
                    with Maison Parisienne
2010 :         Ultra lace, Art Workshops of France, Paris
                  Body and Soul, International Garden Festival of Chaumont sur Loire
2009 :        Nathalie Béreau Gallery, Chinon
                  Gallery 6 Mandel, Paris

Sabine Zeiler

born in 1949
technical education
self-taught artist
independent studio artist

Longstanding occupation with all available  textile materials, the possibilities of use and creation.
I mainly used  silk, sometimes combined with other materials like polyester or metal threads.
Mainly I use a mixed technique, folding, crumpling, pleating , plucking and twisting and always dying by myself, sometimes 3 dimensional shapes.
Also I use acrylic colors on material like polyester .
My aim is  working in concert with the material, not in an effort to overcome their limitations but to allow them full expression.
The works are exhibited in museums and galleries.

Aušra Sedlevičiūtė

The basic method of making an artwork is simple: stitching the pins and winding the threads in different directions by inserting crocheted details or beads. I have really enjoyed the crochet technique since childhood. I really like creating small details, although it takes a lot of time. Often I don’t even think about where and how I will use them. Later, sometimes even a few years later, the details find their place. In my works of art, I try to use simple materials: cotton, linen, metal, glass, and even plastic. Lately, I create only bright works of art.

Group exhibitions:
● 2019, “Measure” an international biennial of textile miniatures in “Arkos” Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
● 2016-2018, International Touring Fiber Art Exhibition “Asia - Europe III” in Germany, Poland, Lithuania.
● 2017, “Ethno”, the 10th - anniversary - international biennial of textile miniatures in “Arkos” Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
● 2016, International Exhibition “What is fiber?” in J. Monkutė-Marks Art Museum-Gallery, Lithuania.
● 2007 Textile Biennial’07, ​​International student exhibition “Statement” in "Balta" Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
Personal exhibitions:
● 2014, Personal exhibition "Observation" in "Aukso pjuvis" Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.
● 2007, Personal exhibition "Lithuanian textile" in "Balta" Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Asta Fedaravičiūtė-Jasiūnė

 I am Asta Fedaraviciute-Jasiune, born in 1984 in Lithuania and living also in Lithuania, in Kedainiai town. I graduated Vilnius Academy of Arts, Bachelor and Master degrees of Applied textile. During my creative life, I participated in many local and International group exhibitions. My creation was exhibited in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, South Korea. My works are always completely different, because I still look for something new, do not stay with one topic or technique.

Antra Augustinovica

Hello, here is some info about me: Born in Latvia, lives and works in Riga, Latvia, studied at Art Academy of Latvia, MA. Have participated in numerous textile and fiber art exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Japan etc. Works in collections: Latvian National Museum of Art Angers Contemporary textile art museum, France Cleveland Art museum, U.S.A. Museum of the city Gdynia, Poland, Mark Rothko art center, Daugavpils, Latvia, private collections in Denmark, Latvia, France, Italy etc.

To create my fiber art works, I use numerous pages of newspapers and different sorts of paper, roll them and divide into tiny parts. Then, according to the idea of artwork, I unite the small parts into new created shapes and surfaces, using natural and synthetic threads. Creation process of my fibre art technique is extreemely time – consuming and even meditative. My works speek subtle, quiet language in a stormy world and try to capture a trace of the beauty that fades or vanishes. COVID-19 did not change my daily life dramaticaly.