Yoshie TOKUNAGA 徳永好恵

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Born in 1968, Osaka, Japan.

1991 Graduated from Postgraduate Course of Textile at the Kyoto College of Art.

2008 Opened Tokunaga Institute of Photo & Art.
In artistic practice focuses on photo-graphy made by various means.


Individual exhibitions:

2000 “Traces of the Eyes” The Third Gallery Aya, Osaka

2008 "The Light Drawn" imagine language studio, Hyogo

2010 "Infinitesimal Views" Gallery Nekogameya, Osaka

2012 "Contemplation of Light" Gallery Nekogameya, Osaka.

2014 " Colors of Matisse " Gallery Nekogameya, Osaka.

2016 " Infinitesimal Views " Gallery Nekogameya, Osaka.

2018 " Borrowed Scenery" Gallery Nekogameya, Osaka


Collective exhibitions:

1993 "Next Generations Artists" Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts and Culture

1994 "Shashin" Kyoto city Shijo Gallery

1999 "Tomorrow is Today" Centre for Japanese Art and Technology Manggha,Krakow

2002 "Asian Crossing:vol.1 Korea+Japan" Daegu and Kyoto

2006 "The Verification of Technique Cyanotype Process" Gallery Kyobate, Nara

2009 "Pinhole Photographic Art Festival" Kyoto Art Center

2010 "Towards the Essence" Kyoto International Community House





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